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Gap is short for Guaranteed Asset Protection. We have all heard horror stories about someone that has suffered a major financial loss on their car. Cars depreciate as they get older, this is no secret. Gap insurance can help to cover your car against depreciation. This insurance policy pays they difference between purchase price and what your motor insurers pay out.

Quick Example
Vehicle Cost 20000
Insurance Payout 15000
Gap Payout 5000

Your car is depreciating, dont get caught out
From the second you drive your car out of the dealership, it starts to depreciate. Dont let yourself suffer financially as a result of a write off of your car. So wether you paid cash, took out a lease or contract hire, you could be seriously out of pocket in the result of a Total Loss
Unless of course you decide to take out our Gap Insurance.

GAP Cover Costs

Car ValueDuration Covered Maximum BenefitCost GAP
€0 - €20k2 Years€15,000€258.33
3 Years€289.43
€20k - €40k2 Years€25,000€330.63
3 Years€371.83
€40k - €90k2 Years€25,000€413.03
3 Years€464.53

Our Bundle Insurance policy covers three different areas

These include

-Tyre Insurance
-Key Insurance
-Excess Insurance

Tyre Insurance

In the event a customer should suffer accidental or malicious damage to a Tyre during the period of cover, the insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement and is limited to a maximum amount, including VAT, per Tyre, the customer is covered for up to 5 tyre repairs or replacements during the period of cover. The limit per tyre is 250 inclusive of VAT for two or three years.

Key Insurance

If an insured key is lost or stolen, the Insurer will pay up to the cover limit, as detailed in your policy schedule, in respect of locksmith charges, new locks (if a security risk has arisen), replacement keys (including any immobiliser, infra-red handset and/or alarm which is integral to any insured key if such cannot be reprogrammed), onward transport costs, the reprogramming of immobilisers. The policy has an aggregate limit of 1,500, for two or three years;

Excess Insurance

The Motor Excess Insurance policy will pay the accidental damage, malicious damage, fire or theft excess for which the insured is responsible under their motor insurance policy following a fault claim but only up to the amount of excess shown in the policy schedule following a valid motor insurance claim with that insurer. The policy has an aggregate limit of 500, for two or three years;

Bundle Cost

Car ValueDuration Covered Maximum BenefitCost GAP
€10 - €40k2 YearsTyres €1,250
Excess €500
Key €1,500
3 Years€270.90
€20k - €40k
Bundle + GAP only
2 YearsTyres €1,250
Excess €500
Key €1,500
3 Years€270.90
€41k - €90k2 YearsTyres €1,250
Excess €500
Key €1,500
3 Years€289.34

GAP + Bundle Cost

Car ValueDuration Covered Maximum BenefitCost GAPGAP + Bundle
€0 - €20k2 Years€15,000€258.33€462.27
3 Years€289.43€563.33
€20k - €40k2 Years€25,000€330.63€534.57
3 Years€371.83€642.73
€40k - €90k2 Years€25,000€413.03€642.73
3 Years€464.53€750.87


    Quick Facts

- We cover both new and used cars

- We cover vehicles up to 10 years old

- We cover vehicles to the value of 90000

- We cover for a duration of 2 or 3 years

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